Frequently asked questions:

What kind of scooter can I rent?
Small-body (50cm3) and bigger-size (150cm3) Japanese scooters like Yamaha Vino and Suzuki Burgman – which are ideal in downtown traffic.

Do I need license for driving them?
Yes, you need either a „scooter license” (category AM), or any type of motorcycle license (A, A1, A2), or a standard passenger car license (B) for the 50cm3 models and A or A2 license fo the 150cm3 ones..

Where can I rent a scooter?
You can get and give them back in any agreed point of town.

Where can I use them?
Inside the city boundaries of Pécs.

How much does it cost?
– for a day: 6000 HUF
– for a weekend: 10000 HUF
– for a week: 18000 HUF
– for a month: 55000 HUF

How can I rent a scooter?
Call me on +36 20 398-9263 or email to